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    17 Very Very Tiny Kittens

    So little. So adorable.

    1. "What do you mean this bed is too big for me? I think it's just right."

    2. "You may call me tiny but I am the perfect size for snuggling."

    3. "Are you telling me bowties don't come in extra extra extra small? This is blasphemous."

    4. "I think this chair was made JUST FOR ME."

    5. "Still trying to figure out how these miniature kitten paws work. THEY'RE KINDA HARD TO DRIVE."

    6. "Okay, the phone may be bigger than me but I'm still pretty fierce."

    7. "The best part about being tiny is that you only need a fingertip to give me a back scratch!"

    8. "WOAH, being on the top bunk is kinda scary when you're this little!"

    9. "Being tiny is great 'cause then I can get snuggles from my best bud whenever I want!"

    10. "Call me pipsqueak now and see what happens when I grow into these paws."

    11. "When you're this little you get to be lazy 'cause your dad can carry you around everywhere!"

    12. "I know this is the dog's bed but I am adorable so you will let me nap here."

    13. "A teeny tiny beach chair? Just for me?!"

    14. "Am I doing this right? Tiny kitten toilets are a little confusing."

    15. "I am not only little, I'm also an expert at getting comfy, so take notes."

    16. "I'm the tiniest girl in the room but I have the biggest personality so WATCH OUT."

    17. "I am a tiny kitten in a tiny hat. Nothing in life is happier than this."

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