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    27 Cats Who Really Nailed Being A Cat

    Good job, cats.

    1. This one who employed a buddy to help spot birds.

    2. And this cutie who had impeccable timing.

    Catrina Vlasov

    3. This cat who understands the real purpose for dumpling boxes.

    4. And these cuddlers who know sinks aren't really for washing your hands.

    5. This girl who knows the gift is the actual bag, not what comes in it.

    Photo by Ben Tierney

    6. And this one who is simply looking at the peasants from atop his throne.

    7. This smarty pants who confirms that cats are actually smarter than all of us.

    8. And this lady who really revolutionized stretching exercises.

    9. This girl who really just wants you to stop interrupting her personal quiet time.

    10. This proper sir who has his paw posture DOWN PAT.

    11. And this cuddle bug who knows exactly how to show off that fluffy belly.

    12. These two who made yin yang cuddling the cutest thing ever.

    13. And this PURR-FECT PURRITO.

    14. This dude who just nailed his sitting position.

    15. And this little lady who is gonna use her lil paws against you if you don't give her another snackie.

    16. This fancy sir who really doesn't want you interrupting his violin practice.

    17. And this one who knew exactly where all the yummy stuff is.

    18. This cuddlebug who has the cutest napping pose in all of existence.

    19. And this one who knows exactly how to wake up his mom every morning.

    20. This little girl who fell off his pillow but stayed committed to nap time.

    21. And this dude who's perfected his kitty roar.

    22. This Halloween cat who really ~gets into the spirit~ every year.

    23. This one who has a game-winning move in mind.

    24. And this spot-nosed cutie who has the cutest begging face.

    25. This guy who understands how you feel when people sing to you on your birthday.

    26. This fancy lady who is working her ~sass~ like no other.

    27. And finally, this guy who TOTALLY NAILED that adorable kitty smile.

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