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17 Ways Your Cat Says I Love You

It's the little things.

1. When you haven't seen them in a while and their lil' kitty hearts fill with joy when you walk through the door.

2. When they give you those adorable cat kisses.

3. When they give you that little kitty headbutt.

4. And when they crawl into your lap and start kneading with those cute lil' paws.

5. When they look at you and blink slowly.

6. And when they can tell you're having a rough day so they snuggle up for some cuddles.

7. When they get brave enough to start getting close to you.

Ericka Funfsinn

8. And when they shove their butts in your face.

9. When they don't care how inconvenient their snuggle positions are as long as they're close to you.

10. And when they let you know how happy you make them through their joyous lil' purrs.

11. When they have that special "meow" that's meant just for you.

12. And when they happily accept their role as your personal lap warmer.

13. When they wake you up with that cute kitty face every morning.

14. And when they always keep an eye on you, even if it's from a distance.

15. When they just wanna chill out and relax with you.

16. When they convince you to take a little break from work because they know you need some loving.

17. And finally, when they choose you as their human.

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