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31 Times Cats Made The World A Better Place

Cats are the absolute best.

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1. When this little kitten helped give his human directions.

2. And when this cozy family let everyone know that true love exists.

3. When these brave kittens helped guard a litter of newborn puppies.

4. And when this dude was the best babysitter ever.

5. When this fluffy girl volunteered to be a headrest for her human.

6. And when this cat started studying up after he got his very own library card.

7. When this gentle guy held his little brother's hand while they napped.

8. And when this lady accompanied her human on his walker.

9. When this lady watched TV all night with her best buddy and let her pick all the shows.

10. And when this purrito showed the world how to properly cuddle.

11. When this dude was always there to support his little brother.

12. And when this thoughtful gentleman comforted his human after a long day at work.

13. When this cat knew that his bunny buddy needed a little lovin'.

14. And when this little guy volunteered to keep his baby warm during nap time.

15. When this kitty showed his puppy friend what eskimo kissing is all about.

16. When this girl kept her guinea pig company while he was feeling lonely.

17. And when this big brother kept his little brother safe from the monsters under his bed.

18. When this cuddle puddle made the world squee with cuteness.

19. And when this brave lady showed everyone that cats and dogs DO get along.

20. When this teeny kitty decided to keep her human's shoe warm so his toes wouldn't get cold.

21. And when this patient girl let her little sister boop her as much as she wanted.

22. When this ITSY BITSY kitten gave the world's teeniest kiss.

23. And when this guy showed everyone that hugging yourself can make your day so much better.

24. When this little dude brightened his human's day just by giving him a hand hug.

25. When this cat showed everyone how to properly play hide and seek.

26. And when this one warmed the hearts of people everywhere by snuggling his teddy.

27. When this cat was the fluffiest, comfiest pillow for her puppy pal.

Peter York

28. And when this wise fellow taught his puppy brother all about the world of booping.

29. When this adventurer didn't let the cold stop him from seizing the day.

30. When this generous guy invited his new buddy into his personal box.

31. And finally, when this cat waited patiently for the school bus to pick his brother up every morning.

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