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23 Times Golden Retriever Puppies Were Huge Dweebs

Doesn't really get doofier than this.

1. When this dude thought the dishwasher was his chair.

2. And when this little girl forgot which way to take a selfie.

3. When this fluff was the most bashful pup around.

4. And when this guy was being a CHEEKY LITTLE DWEEB.

5. When this weirdo made playtime extra bizarre.

6. And when this dude thought nobody could see him in his expert hiding spot.

7. When this lady forgot how to put her tongue back in her mouth.

8. And when this gentleman thought he was a cat for a moment.

9. When this little one just didn't care about being squished by his big brother.

10. And when this sleeper thought the park bench was for napping.

11. When this one made his toy into a face prison.

12. And when this puppy thought that his carriage was just a portable bed.

13. When this sir thought this was the proper way to use a spoon.

14. And when this goof made the bathroom into his new naptime spot.

15. When this friendly guy thought the cat just wanted a high five.

16. And when this little dork got so tired he fell asleep inside his human's stinky sneaker.

17. When this smiler decided to pop up and say hello in the middle of your favorite TV show.

18. And when this fluff invented a new sleeping position.

19. When this dork made the cutest confused face the world has ever seen.

20. And when this puppy thought fetch meant take the stick and never ever give it back.

21. When this goofball made EVERY TIME play time.

22. When this guy thought this was the appropriate way to watch TV.

23. And finally, when this dweeb just did not know how to handle the wind at all.

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