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    19 Times Golden Retrievers Were The Champions Of Your Heart

    Goldens are just the CUTEST.

    1. When this snuggler made napping Earth-shatteringly adorable.

    2. And when this handsome dude was the best ring bearer ever.

    3. When these road-trippers made packing up the car the cutest activity EVER.

    4. And when these two proved that best friends are always there for one another.

    5. When this guy demonstrated the most extraordinary spooning skills in the universe.

    6. And when this guy understood every single one of our snacking struggles.

    7. When this girl proved that puppy dog eyes can snap anyone out of a bad mood.

    8. And when this cozy lady let everyone know that napping is an essential part of the day.

    9. When this puppy understood that the fridge is the GREATEST place in the house.

    10. And when this patient girl was the best friend a kid could ask for.

    11. When this guy proved that Golden Retrievers are the most ~handsome~ pups around.

    12. And when this dude demonstrated how to properly "cheese."

    13. When this guy understood how awkward we all feel during the "Happy Birthday" song.

    14. And when this trusty girl was there for her human during every step.

    15. When these two showed everyone what proud parenthood is all about.

    16. And when this crew taught us all that saying yes to adventure is the first step to happiness.

    17. When this family got an intense case of cute aggression over adorable kittens.

    18. When this group reminded everyone that family time is the most valuable time.

    19. And finally, when this cutie reminded everyone that sometimes all you need to do is SMILE.