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    16 Pieces Of Advice On Happiness From The Cutest Pets Of The Week

    The submissions from this week's Cute or Not contest were cheerful AND super adorable. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

    1. "The key to happiness starts with looking and feeling ~snazzy~." -Duke

    2. "You should wear a ginormous smile...ALL THE TIME." -Lucas

    3. "Sometimes you've just gotta take a second to chill on the couch (and maybe twitch your cute nose a bit)." -Frimousse

    4. "You've just gotta keep your chin up!" -Walter

    5. "A good face squish will always lift your spirits!" -Pig

    6. "Take a cruise and keep it cool." -Fender

    7. "Sometimes you've just gotta look at things from a different perspective!" -Leela

    8. "Saying yes to ADVENTURE is the first step to happiness." -Jerry

    9. "If you're feelin' grumpy, just own it. We all have a grumpy day every once in a while." -Ewok

    10. "Some nights you've just gotta take a bath and get cozy." -Daisy

    11. "Getting a *little* messy can make you A LOT happy." -Molly

    12. "You shouldn't be afraid to lean on your friends when you need a little help (or a snuggle)." -Dawkins and Cali

    13. "It's important to own your cuteness...because you're the only one you've got!" -Stanley

    14. "Stopping to smell the flowers is super important when it comes to living AWESOME." -Ellie

    15. "Lots of cuddling is the foundation for a happy life!" -Gracie lee

    And finally...

    16. "Keep a smile on, because the world is amazing and SO ARE YOU." -Scotland

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