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16 Tips On How To Get Real Cozy

The submissions from this week's Cute or Not were the EXPERTS on snuggling. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

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1. "The first thing you should do is find the warmest blanket in your house and cuddle up real close to it." —Nala

2. "Then make sure to hop in bed and put on your absolute favorite Netflix show." —Buksnort

3. "And watch AT LEAST 35 episodes of it." —George

4. "Yummy snacks are ALWAYS an essential part of your snuggle sesh." —Sir Thomas Pounce

5. "And finding a comfy pillow is absolutely necessary." —Toulous

6. "Sometimes, you can even use your buddy as a pillow!" —Markie Post & Junebug

7. "Scheduling a regular nap time is a very important part of the cozy life." —Daisy

8. "Before falling asleep, make sure to assume the comfiest position possible." —Picasso

9. "Sometimes, it's good to have an expert around to show you the cozy ropes." —Moses & Doobie

10. "But remember that if you're really dedicated to cuddling, you can curl up almost anywhere!" —Snickers

11. "Spooning is the NUMBER ONE way to get super comfy." —Thelma Lou

12. "And a nice mug of hot chocolate will up your cozy level by at least a thousand." —Princess Buttercup

13. "But being proper and polite is still important even when you're snugglin'." —Chloe

14. "The secret to achieving the ultimate level of comfort is getting as MANY pillows as you can!" —Mia

15. "If you're trying to find a buddy to snuggle with, make this face — you'll DEFINITELY catch their attention." —Joshen

16. "And once you find that cuddle buddy, snuggle them REAL HARD and never let them go." —Norman

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