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    Dogs On Instagram Vs. Dogs In Reality

    A filter changes everything.

    1. Dog cuddles on Instagram.

    Dog cuddles in reality.

    2. Dog walking on Instagram.

    Dog walking in reality.

    3. Dog kisses on Instagram.

    Dog kisses in reality.

    4. Car ride on Instagram.

    Car ride in reality.

    5. Dog greeting on Instagram.

    Dog greeting in reality.

    6. Sleeping with your dog on Instagram.

    Sleeping with your dog in reality.

    7. Dog bed on Instagram.

    Dog bed in reality.

    8. Dog toy on Instagram.

    Dog toy in reality.

    Dog door on Instagram.

    Dog door in reality.

    9. Dog bath on Instagram.

    Dog bath in reality.

    10. Selfie with your dog on Instagram.

    Selfie with your dog in reality.

    One thing that stays the same?

    Dog love on Instagram.

    Dog love in reality.

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