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18 Kittens Who Are Destined For World Domination

Kittens...the cutest kind of villains.

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1. "I shall wait here in hiding until it's the perfect time to strike."

2. "I will remember you interrupting my nap when I am the dictator of the universe."

3. "Haha, go ahead and feed me all the catnip you want. You will not be spared, human."

4. "Keep your cameras off of me, I have important business to do in private."

5. "I see everything."

6. "She has no idea what goes on after she falls asleep."

7. "Where are your car keys, you ask? I'm just a kitten, I have no clue. Now keep scratching human, that's the spot."

8. "Your touch is where my soul goes to die."

9. "Before I conquer the world, I must catch the red dot."

10. "I'm sorry, did you think I care about anything you say? Because I don't."

11. "Such an unfortunate human, you never stood a chance."

12. "I'm sorry, in what universe did you think it was OK to be within a ten mile radius of me?"

13. "Yes, yes...I've spotted my next victim."

14. "No one will be able to touch me on this throne of extreme comfort."

15. "This kitty does not sleep. She waits."

16. "You disgust me."

17. "Excellent. The plan is working just as I expected."


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