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16 Reasons Old Dogs Will Always Be The Best

They're the wisest best friends around.

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1. Old dogs have the best little smiles.

2. And they always know the perfect time for a kiss on the cheek.

3. They have the best senses of humor.

4. And they still act like puppies, even though they're old and wise.

5. They always know when you need a little smile.

6. And they're not afraid to be a little rebellious once in a while.

Julie Fletcher

7. You know they'll always have your back whenever you need a loyal sidekick.

8. And after so many years, they deserved to spoiled once in a while.

9. They've weathered every storm with you...

10. ...and it's only made your friendship grow stronger.

11. Nothing is too goofy for an old pooch.

Danny Rocco

12. And after all this time, they know the best way to greet you every morning.

13. Old dogs are quiet and wise...

14. ...and they know the best way to help you unwind at the end of a stressful day.

15. You would do anything for your best bud...

16. ...because you know, no matter what, he'd do anything for you.

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