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19 Facts That Prove Animals Have Souls

They're the best.

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1. A dairy cow was so sad from having previous calves taken away that she hid her newborn in a tall patch of grass.

Flickr: dkjd

Clarabelle the cow was rescued from a dairy farm, but she was so distraught from having her babies taken away from her that she gave birth in secret and hid her baby in a patch of grass. Luckily, Clarabelle and her baby live a happy life together at Australian farm sanctuary Edgar's Mission.

2. A blind Jack Russell has his very own guide dog and best friend, a Staffordshire terrier who accompanies him everywhere.

Buzz the Staffie is Glenn's permanent set of eyes, helping him find his bed and his food. They never leave each other's side.

3. A pod of sperm whales accepted a deformed dolphin into their family.

An alliance between a dolphin and a sperm whale had never been witnessed before. Behavioral ecologist Alexander Wilson believes that the dolphin may have gotten picked on because he swam slower than his own pod, but he can keep up with the slower-swimming sperm whales just fine.

4. Willie the parrot alerted his human that her toddler was choking by crying out, "Mama, baby!"

Flickr: nettsu

The bird noticed the little toddler was choking on her breakfast and cried out while flapping his wings until his human came to the rescue.


5. A gorilla protected a toddler who fell into her enclosure at a zoo. She picked up the little boy and carried him to safety, then handed him over to the zookeepers.

Flickr: 101951515@N07

The toddler fell more than 20 feet into a gorilla enclosure and Binti Jua, a female gorilla, came over and cradled him in her arms, protecting him from the other gorillas before handing him over to the zookeepers.

6. Mila, a beluga whale, saved a drowning diver in China by pulling her to the surface so she could breathe.

A diver was participating in a contest to see how long she could hold her breath when she got stuck under water. She couldn't move her legs, so the whale grabbed onto her and brought her to the surface.

7. Owen, a lonely the baby hippo, found a best friend in a 130-year old tortoise named Mzee.

Although tortoises aren't that social, Owen the baby hippo followed Mzee around until the pair finally became best buds. Owen would groom Mzee, snuggle with him, and adventure around with the tortoise.


9. A dolphin saved a drowning teenage boy who fell off a boat in the Adriatic Sea.

Flickr: -mbender

Davide Ceci was drowning when the dolphin swam up and began pushing him back toward the boat. The dolphin swam close enough to the boat for the boy's father to grab him and pull him out of the water.


13. Two rescued circus elephants locked trunks and happily played together when they were reunited after 20 years apart.

Shirley and Jenny performed in the circus together in the 1970s. After 20 years apart, the pair were reunited in 1999 at an elephant sanctuary, and their affectionate reunion showed just how strong a bond between elephants can truly be.

15. Moko the dolphin led two beached whales to safety.

Flickr: btrentler

It was thought that two beached pygmy sperm whales weren't going to make it, but Moko the dolphin stepped in and led the whales through a narrow channel and back into the ocean.


17. Thula the therapy cat is never far from her human's side.

Facebook: 609967369017975

Iris Grace Halmshaw was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Shortly after he diagnoses, her parents introduced Thula the Maine coon into her life, and the pair has been inseparable since.

18. Lucca, the amputee veteran, makes frequent visits to fellow wounded warriors and veterans at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, where she “makes a dramatic impact on the lives of service members.”

19. And finally, these pups comfort each other during car rides by giving the cutest hugs.