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9 Safety Tips To Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy This Fall

Keep that Halloween candy out of reach!

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2. Spend a lil' more time outside with your pet!

We're between the heat of the summer and the frigid weather of the winter, so soak it up and enjoy a little extra time in the great outdoors. Your buddy will definitely appreciate it.

3. It's mushroom season, so make sure you keep your pet away from all that fungi.

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Only 1% of mushrooms are toxic, but those that are can cause life-threatening problems in your pets — so make sure to keep them away from all kinds of mushrooms.

4. Remember that your pet might need a little bit more food during the colder months.

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If your pet exercises a lot outdoors, he will need a little more food so he can generate more body heat. Talk with your vet about the amount of food your pet should be eating as the seasons begin to change so your pet can transition comfortably.


5. Snakes are going into hibernation during this time, so be wary.

This is the time where snakes might be a bit grumpy, and you don't want your pet to end up with a snake bite. If you know the areas near your home where there are snakes, steer clear of them.

7. Halloween is here, but make sure your pet isn't getting into the candy!

Chocolate is toxic to your pet, and there are other high-fat foods that can cause stomach problems in your buddy so it's best to keep the candy and sweets out of reach.

9. If routines are changing, introduce them slowly!

School is back in session, so if less people will be in the house and your pet's routine will be changing a bit — be sure to introduce the new routines slowly. For a dog who spent all summer outdoors, it will be jarring for him to spend a great deal of his time outside. Be aware of your pets needs and routines.