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22 Dogs Who Have Perfected Their Cuddling Abilities

Snuggle buddies are very important.

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We recently asked subscribers to the BuzzFeed Animals newsletter to submit photos of their insanely adorable pets. And these pups had some seriously cute cuddling skills!

1. "Do you see this snuggle burrito? This is cuddling at its finest."

2. "The key to having a great nap is finding a snuggle buddy."

Amanda Chavez

3. "If I give you puppydog eyes will you come back to bed with me?"

4. "Gotta take a power nap so I'm ready to blow through this Netflix marathon."

Mackenzie Hemker

5. "It's important to highlight your assets...even while you're napping."

Emily Roller

6. "Pro tip: Holding paws makes getting cozy A LOT more fun."

Lisa Funk

7. "Breakfast can wait, mom. Can't we just have ONE MORE spooning session?"

Shelby Deaton

8. "Even when I'm sleepy I'm FULLY PREPARED for a belly rub."

Chelsa Seiter Casey

9. "Tucked in is the only way to live, that's my motto."

Betsy Kincanon

10. "Never fall asleep without reading a good bedtime story first!"

Lindsay McVicar

11. "Find a buddy to lean on, it makes life and cuddling A LOT easier."

Maggie Mills

12. "I'm not a professional at snugglin' but my big brother is teaching me the ropes."

Amanda Moore


Jones McCain

14. "Yes, I'm a grown up pup, but that doesn't mean I still can't snuggle with my teddy."

Stef Arck

15. "First rule of cuddling: You can NEVER get too close."

Michelle Cvetkovic

16. "It's OK to wear your goofy face when you're sleepy 'cause you'll look extra cute!"

17. "Find a fluffy place to cuddle up and you'll feel WAY better."

Arsah Karowalia

18. "Make sure to prop your nose up on your extra tired really helps!"

Willow M.

19. "Any position can be cozy if you fully commit to it."

Andi Viola

20. "Try to delete your internet search history before passing'll thank yourself later."

Chloe Takayanagi

21. "The correct pillow is ESSENTIAL for proper cuddling."

Jamie L-B

22. "No bed or dream is too big for you, always remember that."

Manna Hara

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