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    21 Dogs Who Are Not Only Good, They're Great

    The road to being a good boy is long and arduous.

    1. This gentleman who rolled in a bunch of chalk and made the world a better place with his rainbow floof.

    2. And this puppy who understands that the road to being a good boy can be full of mistakes.

    3. This kind citizen who wanted to spread the love on his morning commute.

    4. This thoughtful puppy who never forgets about his stuffed animal buddy.

    5. And this very great, very brave, very tiny man.

    6. This flooferton who just wanted to bring you a large leaf to show his appreciation.

    7. And this wee one who has the finest puppy dog eyes in all the land.

    8. This dreamer who is ready for his first day on the job.

    9. And this cutie who takes fetch very, very seriously.

    10. This man who is still a good boy, one year later.

    11. This guy who didn't want his human to feel lonely in recovery.

    12. And this gentle fella who is an extra good boy around his tinier friends.

    13. This tot who just wants to be the best in class.

    14. And this cutie who is celebrating another year of contributing to the community of good boys.

    15. This puppy who is always trying his very best.

    16. And this floof who understands that size doesn't matter when it comes to being great.

    17. This grey-snouted fella who has had many years of being a truly good boy.

    18. And this puppy who is a pure ray of sunshine.

    19. This man who is extremely focused on greatness.

    20. These two who are demonstrating a proper snuggle session.

    21. And finally, this little guy who is the essence of all things good and great.