19 Dogs Dressed As Your Favorite "Star Wars" Characters

    Look out for the very rare and dangerous WampaPug.

    1. This extremely accurate Chewbacca.

    2. This Obi-Wan KenCorgi.

    3. This very important Wicket.

    4. This Jedi who is using the Force to get as many treats as possible.

    5. This shih tzu who was adopted from the forest moon of Endor.

    6. This Vader who will snort at you until you hand over all of your snackies.

    7. This Yoda who wants to share some snuggling wisdom with you.

    8. This fierce Jedi Knight hanging with his buds.

    9. This R2 unit who is the most handsome of them all.

    10. This Yoda who uses his Jedi power to change the channel to Animal Planet.

    11. This unimpressed Bark Vader.

    12. This beautiful and ~fierce~ Princess Leia.

    13. This super smiley Wookiee.

    14. This princess who is ready to woo Han with her undeniable charm.

    15. And this Wampa who is having a Tauntaun snack.

    16. This extra fuzzy Ewok who is guarding the forest on Endor.

    17. This intimidating Jedi Knight.

    18. This young Padawan who is learning the way of the Force.

    19. And finally, this Wampa pug, who everyone better watch out for.