19 Signs You Are A Crazy Dog Person

    We know all about crazy cat people, but crazy dog people are real and alive. You might be one of them.

    1. This is a 100% real picture of you in the future.

    2. Things that are normally for human children are now for your dog...

    3. ...because you dog is your child.

    4. Your love life is centered around your love of dogs.

    5. No matter where you are, no matter what streets you have to cross, if you see a dog you MUST say hello to him.

    6. Dogs flock to you as if they innately understand that you are a crazy dog person.

    7. This is your life goal.

    8. The amount of dog pictures you have on your phone has crossed over from cute to downright bizarre.

    9. When your dog sheds on you, you proudly wear her hair as an accessory.

    10. You are a hit with every dog you meet.

    11. You have trouble finding a significant other because nobody is as great as your dog.

    12. This is your ideal family dinner.

    13. You find a way to put your dog's name into every song.

    14. You've skipped going out tons of times because leaving your dog is too painful.

    15. You spend tons of money on dog toys and beds that either get destroyed or remain unused.

    16. You get REALLY excited when the weekend comes so you can spend all of your time with your dog.

    17. Some people have names picked out for their children. You have names picked out for your future dogs.

    18. So even though people might think you're a little nuts...

    19. ...it doesn't matter, because dogs know you're great!