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24 Things Only Horse People Would Understand

For the last time, horseback riding is a sport.

1. When you fall in the liverpool and it's the most embarassing moment of your life.

2. Right after you give your horse a bath...

3. You're used as your horse's personal napkin.

4. You know that fly spray is the most amazing smell in the world.

5. When you see a flapping plastic bag and you're like...

6. Nickers are the best kind of greeting!

7. When you get an awkward leg up and it puts you in the worst position possible.

8. When your course was perfect and then you completely mess up the last jump.

9. You know you'll never ever get hay out of your hair...ever.

10. All of your horse selfies look like this...

11. ...and this.

12. This is your version of Lady and the Tramp.

13. The only thing you want in life is to bring your horse into your house.

14. In your life, hugs look like this...

15. ...and kisses look like this.

Getty Images/iStockphoto Eileen Groome

16. Your best friends will always be the people you ride with.

17. You get the weirdest tan lines...

18. ...and you have the palest legs.

19. People are constantly telling you that horseback riding isn't a sport.

Photo Credit: carterse via Compfight cc

20. You try to explain how hard it is and finally you're just like...

Facebook: liz.mahoney.7


21. So even though things can get a little messy...

22. ...and also kind of weird...

23. ...your horse is your absolute best friend and he knows you better than you know yourself.

Getty Images/iStockphoto Alexia_Khrushcheva


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