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    22 Dogs Who Understand The Struggle Of Being Lactose Intolerant

    Your soymilk doesn't bring any boys to the yard.

    1. Every single function you attend has pizza and it's TORTURE.

    "I guess I'll just hover and sniff for the entire night."

    2. When your Lactaid spares you from bathroom visits but you're still cutting some rancid cheese.

    "I wanted to blow people away, but not like this..."

    3. When you just want a liiiittttleeee taste of ice cream...

    4. ...and then you make a break for the bathroom.

    Photo Credit: hackett via Compfight cc

    "This is going to be a photo finish."

    5. The way everyone stares at you when you peel the cheese off of your pizza.

    "You're literally just eating sauce bread."

    6. When your Lactaid pill just completely fails you...

    "Nothing can save me now."

    7. ...and you end up laying on the bathroom floor because there's no use in leaving.

    8. When you're eating dinner at your friend's house and the food is full of dairy.

    9. When people first find out you can't actually eat ice cream.

    "What are you."

    10. When your soymilk doesn't bring any boys to the yard.

    "Is this really going to be my life forever?"

    11. When you go to family functions and NOBODY remembers that you can't eat dairy.

    "I haven't eaten ice cream in a decade. How do you not remember this."

    12. Knowing that Ben and Jerry's will only ever be something you dream about.

    13. When all of your friends go out to the ice cream shop.

    "I guess I'll just sit over here and watch you guys."

    14. When you're stuck with the vegan option even though you're not vegan.

    "I guess this is my life now."

    15. When you're with a bunch of people you don't know well and the immediate need for a bathroom strikes you.

    16. When you find out that there's cream in the pasta your ordered.

    "You couldn't mention this on the MENU?!"

    17. How much you hate yourself after you eat dairy.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto MMcAfoos

    "I have so many regrets."

    18. When someone says 100% whole milk.

    19. When you have to shop at special grocery stores to get food you can actually eat.

    20. Sometimes, giving in is totally worth it...

    21. ...because even though you'll be paying for it...

    Getty Images/iStockphoto igorr1

    "I'm never going to recover from this."

    22. least you had the most DELICIOUS SNACK EVER.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto christingasner

    "This is what happiness tastes like."

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