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20 Dogs Who Understand The Struggle Of Being A Lazy Person

"I have to sit up to reach the food, so technically I'm doing exercise."

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2. When you're too lazy to wash dishes so you resort to eating off of weird surfaces.

"Tables are the new plates."

4. When you want a hot bod but you also want to eat all the food.

"The struggle is real."


5. When you get food on your face and you lick it off instead because reaching for a napkin is too much effort.

"I'm trying not to be wasteful."

6. When you're too lazy to even order delivery food.

"They should telepathically understand when I'm hungry."

8. When a spoon is just too far away.

"Who needs a spoon when you have a tongue anyway."


9. The relief you feel when you're home relaxing on the couch and your friend suddenly cancels your plans.

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"A magnetic force field could not pull me out of this position right now."

10. When you get out of the shower but you're too lazy to change.

"I'll just sit in this towel forever."


14. When you want to have nice hair but you're way too lazy to make the effort.

"Holding up that blow dryer takes too much strength."

15. When you spill something on yourself and it smells but you're too comfortable to change your outfit.

"No one will get close enough to smell me anyway."