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18 Struggles Of Everyone Who Is Constantly Hungry

"One serving equals the amount I eat."

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6. You store food in your room so nobody else has access to it.

"This stash is for me and ME ONLY."


8. Your one wish in life is to have a personal chef.

"I'm always hungry but too lazy to cook the food I want."

10. Your motto is "I'll only have a few."

"And by a few, I mean every single one down to the crumbs."

11. You spend all of your money on food.

"I am poor but my belly is warm and full."


12. Your system for counting calories is much different from everyone else's.

"One serving equals the amount I eat."

15. You experience odd cravings at all times.


16. So even though not everyone understands your love affair with French fries...

17. ...or your romantic relationship with ice cream...