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18 Reasons Why Rats Are The Most Underrated Pet

They're like pocket-sized puppies!

1. They're snuggly little critters. Just look at this lil guy napping in his pouch!

Photo Credit: La Tarte au Citron via Compfight cc

2. A group of rats is called a mischief, which only adds to their cuteness.

Photo Credit: PuppiesAreProzac via Compfight cc

3. They're super smart so it's easy to teach them tricks.

4. They're kinda like really small dogs!

5. They have remarkable posture, as demonstrated by this cutie.

6. Rats are super friendly...

7. everyone they meet!

8. They're especially loyal and affectionate to their humans.

Photo Credit: average_jane_crafter via Compfight cc

9. Rats are the most adorable little nibblers in the entire world.


Photo Credit: La Tarte au Citron via Compfight cc

11. It is impossible to deny this little guy's cuteness.

Photo Credit: ressaure via Compfight cc

12. They'll cozy up anywhere, especially if it's on your shoulder or in your lap.

13. They'll happily frolic around while wearing a tiny hat.

14. These baby rats in a teeny crib are possibly the cutest thing in the entire universe.


15. They have the sweetest little faces, just check out this cutie!


16. Their tails can be PRETTY ADORABLE.


17. Rats have the tiniest, most kissable paws!

18. They're ALWAYS down for a cuddle session.

19. Don't judge a rat by his reputation, because these cuties just want to be your best pal!

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