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18 Dogs Who Are Actually Human Whisperers

All this time we thought we were whispering to the dogs, but they've been whispering to us.

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1. "I got my human to pick up my poop, didn't even have to try. "

3. "100% guarantee if you hold your paws up like this your human will rub your belly."

5. "Yep, my human got me this big bed and it's allllll mine. I just share it with him sometimes."

6. "Do you see this face? This is the face that gets you more treats."

8. "We got our human to proudly wear our hair all over his shirt. AT ALL TIMES."

15. "If I drop my ball in my human's lap enough times...HE THROWS IT."

17. "All I have to do to get a treat is sit down. Seriously. That's it."

18. "Bottom line...lookin' cute is the key to human whispering."