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17 Fun Fall Activities For You And Your Pet


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1. Take your pet pumpkin picking with you!

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2. Or have him tag along while you pick apples!

3. It's a blast to take your pup hiking...

4. ...but hiking isn't exclusively for dogs!

5. Huge piles of leaves are possibly the best part of fall for your pup...

Photo Credit: Jim Larson via Compfight cc

6. ...but get your kitty in on the fun, too!

7. Before it gets too cold, pack up your tent and bring your pup camping...

Getty Images/Purestock Purestock

8. ...your kitty might even want to tag along!

9. Make sure to share a scoop of pumpkin with your cat or dog because it's actually really good for their health, and it's super yummy!

10. Grab a kayak or a canoe and make your pup your co-pilot.

11. Your dog will love runnin' around and playing football with you...

Getty Images/iStockphoto La_Corivo

12. ...and afterwards you guys can chill out and watch a game together!

13. Pick out a fabulous halloween costume for you and your best pal.


15. Most important, make sure to grab your hot chocolate and snuggle up with your kitty...

Photo Credit: littlemoresunshine via Compfight cc

16. ...and your puppy...

Photo Credit: littlemoresunshine via Compfight cc

17. ...or whatever kind of pet you have...

Photo Credit: average_jane_crafter via Compfight cc

...because with your best bud by your side, it's sure to be the BEST FALL EVER!

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