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    15 Amazing Therapy Animals Who Help Us Heal Every Day

    Llamas and skunks are therapy animals, too!

    1. Rocky the miniature horse works as a therapy animal and brings joy to everyone he meets.

    He's not only friends with humans! Rocky teams up with other types of therapy animals during his travels.

    2. Jewel the sheep helps people heal by letting visitors groom and bathe her at her farm.

    3. Jewel's friend George is also a therapy sheep that lets his new human friends dress him up and take him for walks.

    4. Belly the therapy guinea pig brings everyone happiness with his fluffy coat!

    5. Haku Baldwin Center in Maui even has therapy chickens!

    6. Suitcase is a Flemish Giant rabbit who spends his day bringing joy to everyone with his ginormous bunny ears.

    7. Orion is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit who spends her time "visiting seniors, children with special needs and patients of all ages in facilities around Maui."

    8. This war veteran and his therapy bird show that birds make amazing therapy animals, too!

    9. Blue Beard the alpaca loves spending his days putting a smile on everyone's face!

    10. Stoosh the skunk is here to prove that skunks make great therapy animals...

    ...and they're extremely cute, too!

    11. Penelope the therapy pig helped students de-stress during finals week!

    12. Wallace the therapy pig visited an adult dementia unit and brought joy to all the patients with his cheerful snorts.

    13. Bear, Annie, and Scooby Doo the mini horse, are a therapy team who work together to put a smile on the face of everyone they meet.

    14. Lewis the donkey loves to put on his kicks and go to work as a therapy animal!

    15. This llama and her new human prove that all animals are great healers and wonderful friends.