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White Ppl

on a scale of 1-avacado toast, how white is u??

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  1. just exactly how white is you bitches? (Check all statements that apply to you/anything you have ever done in your whole life)

    eaten avacado toast
    been a part of a family with adopted kids fo color
    knows time by mgmt
    has said "im here for a good time not a long time"
    watched 90210/one tree hill/gossip girl
    watched more than 10 minutes of the bachelor/bachelorete
    watched pretty little liars
    had a craving for mint leaves
    has bought a popcorn machine
    has ever said "hold on i need a photo for instagram
    listens to owl city
    paid 20 a G
    gone to a country concert
    gone to blossom
    finished all seasons of gossip girl
    listened to mumford and suns, katy perry, or cold plays whole album
    blasted taylor swift thorugh your car
    dressed up your dog in people clothes
    used salt as only seasoning
    recommended watching perks of being a wallflower to a friend
    called a baked potatoe a meal instead of a side
    done/made anything DIY
    called any type of hispanic/spaniard person mexican
    taken a quiz to see test how white you are
    watched buzzfeed
    taken a bubble bath
    kept track of how many times youve been cat called
    kept track of how may steps you take in a day
    taken selfies in blatant public
    put fruit in your water more often than not
    had a friend named meghan
    know someone named chad
    in a sorrority
    has a personal wine glass
    owned anythign lily pultizer/ lulu lemon
    owned L.L. bean as a child
    uses alternative methods for dental hygene
    has complained to a group about your detist
    has emoji conversations
    rolls up windows in colored neighborhoods
    burns sage
    has ever owned one of those music toothbruses
    has ever purchased/owned cactus/succulent
    watches cooking shows
    owns a tumblr
    owns a pintrest
    calls yourself thicc , but really isnt
    has raised your voice at a parent
    has a dog w a human name
    has ever had a conversation about mosquito bites for more than 5 minutes
    has a finsta
    owns an article of clothing that has the american flag on it
    has posted picture of own eyes on social media
    owns toms/docc martins
    takes pictures of coffee
    tipping less than 20%
    has ever had a cleaning service
    has ever gone thrift shopping to be hipster
    has christmas lights in dorm room/ any home room
    owns/read milk and hunty
    makes noises like oooo ahhh
    cried over an animal video
    the only illegal thing in room is candles
    drinks an entire bottle of wine in one night
    eats family dinner more often than not
    ddrinks only filtered/bottled water
    been to the same art museum more than once
    ever taken yoga/pilates classes
    owns a yoga mat
    has a specific workout playlist
    knows all the words to remix to ignition, but knows no other r kelly songs
    has called 678-999-8212
    owned a bunny
    has said the words "you dont know, its a small town"
    never seen the BET awards
    thinks r & b is a setting on teh dryer
    listens to 96.5
    owns a pair of chacos
    doesnt know what carne asad/fijitas are
    is cultured because you studied abroad
    has ever worn an alex and ani bracelet
    ever been on a tennis/swimming eam
    gone to a womens march, but never a BLM one
    has watched 13 reasons why
    has ever taken melatonin
    has ever been perscribed xanax or adderall
    hating zoos
    has watched a food documentary
    prefers regular cheetos over hot cheetos
    has taken photo with number baloons
    ever had bangs
    posted photo of christmas gifts on social media
    taken sparkler pics
    ever taken a photo w a selfie sticc willingly
    asked someone where they got their clothes form
    watched an episode of jimmy kimmel
    gne to an indie concert
    ever been vegan
    ever been vegetarian
    ever complained to a manager
    ever complained to a waiter/waitress about the slow wait
    reads horoscope
    has intentiaonally photo bombed
    cried way out of speeding ticket
    has ever willingly listened to lana del rey
    has said the word 'aesthetic' in the past week

White Ppl

oh shit hunty you white as hell. im so sorry for your loss.

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