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Who Do The Feminists Want To Win The Super Bowl?

With women's rights movements going on around the United States, who do the feminists want to win the Super Bowl?

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Who do the Feminists want to win the Super Bowl?

The biggest football game of the year is coming this Sunday and in the past month women have been marching across the United States of America protesting president-elect, Donald Trump.

I was watching television and the golden question popped up in my head. Who do the feminists want to win the Super Bowl?

Most of my reasoning leans towards the New England Patriots.

It is a common stereotype that feminists are lesbian. That got me thinking that they would like Tom Brady because people portray him as a "little girl". It makes sense that the feminists will want a girl to win. Another reason feminists want the Patriots to win is because Tom Brady's wife makes more money than him. Isn't the wife making more money the whole point of being a feminist? It just makes sense that the women marching want another Patriots Super Bowl.

But wait...

The Patriots are fans of Donald Trump.

So who do the feminists want to win the Super Bowl?

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