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10 Unexpected Moments We've All Had With Strangers

Some golden moments never fail to elicit smiles.

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1. When you bump into someone on the street and can't decide which way to go.

2. Dropping something and then having someone run after you to return it.

3. Getting photobombed.

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4. Going to a concert solo and finding fun strangers to rock out with.

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5. When a generous stranger picks up your bill.


6. When you're lost, and someone stops to ask if you need directions.

7. Getting stopped in public and being told you're beautiful.

8. Being offered free gum or snacks.

9. When someone switches seats on an airplane so that you can sit beside your friends or family.

10. When you're down, and a kind stranger stops to tell you “you’re too pretty to be frowning."

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