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    Dec 22, 2014

    What Movie Do You Want To Watch At Dennis's Movie Night Tonight?

    Don't waste precious time thinking for yourself! Let this quiz determine what movie you want to watch tonight. It's so easy, even Shaun can do it!

    1. 1. All of these puppies are about to be put to sleep! Choose the one you'll save:

    2. 2. If Dennis were hosting this movie night in 1998, which movie would you want to watch?

    3. 3. Which of these fancy houses would you break in to?

    4. 4. What time period do you really belong in?

    5. 5. Choose the best facial hair:

    6. 6. Choose a TV show that Dennis has worked on:

    7. 7. Pick a Robin Williams:

    8. 8. What do you want to eat while we're watching the movie?

    9. 9. Choose the best Britney:

    10. 10. If you got hit by gamma rays at movie night tonight, which super power would you want to gain?

    11. 11. Choose a classic Disney movie: