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16 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed In The "Mr. Robot" S2 Premiere


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Since its very first episode, Mr. Robot has gone the extra mile to cater to Super Fans by including maddeningly intricate Easter Eggs that blur the lines between fiction and reality, and Season 2 is starting off stronger than ever!

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The intrepid sleuths over at the MrRobot subreddit have already discovered some fantastic hidden gems you might have missed in the Season 2 premiere:

1. This phone number

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The Season 2 Easter Eggs began before the season even started! Take a look at this screenshot from the S2 trailer. See that phone number down there at the bottom of the evidence box?

212-804-6003 is a real phone number that you can call. Go ahead! Call it right now! You'll be connected to the E Corp offices, but you're on hold due to high call volumes. Suddenly, the message is interrupted by a distorted message from fsociety that says, "in order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present," followed by a series of beeps.

That's a Francis Bacon quote (duh, who doesn't know that, right?), and Francis Bacon also devised a code cypher in 1605 called the Bacon Cypher. If you assign A and B values to the tones to fit the cypher, you can use it to decode the random series of beeps that follow the quote:

"AABABBAAABABBABAAABAAAABBABBABBAABABAAABAABBB" through the Bacon Cypher becomes "FSOCDOTSH". Hey, that looks kind of like a URL, right?

Type into your browser and you're taken to the E Corp corporate website, but after a few minutes an fsociety hack takes over the page! There, you're met with a cryptic message, and an image of an eyeball surrounded by a ring of letters and numbers. With a little bit of coding knowledge, you can convert the letters from hexadecimal to ASCII to get the message: "LOOK UP".

At the top of the page, you'll notice a cursor blinking in morse code. Deciphering that code gives you the message "LEAVE ME HERE". Type that phrase into the search bar at the bottom of the page, and you'll be taken to the official Mr. Robot page! The treasure hunt originally led some super-sleuths to Mr. Robot swag, which is all gone now. R.I.P., swag that only geniuses can find. :(

2. Angela

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Last time we saw Angela, she had (seemingly) given in to temptation and taken a job at E Corp, leading us to wonder: wassupidat? In the "Previously On" section at the beginning of the premiere, we're given a recap of Angela's story so far. That's immediately followed by a quick cut and voiceover of Terry Colby saying, "if you really want to change things, perhaps you should try from within." It's a subtle editing trick that might be setting up Angela's storyline for the season.


3. "Red Wheelbarrow"

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Elliot's notebook is titled "Red Wheelbarrow", which is also the title of this poem by William Carlos Williams:

so much depends


a red wheel


glazed with rain


beside the white


On it's surface, the poem is about a common object that is actually crucial to the world it inhabits. On the surface, Elliot is a seemingly average person (especially in his current analog state), but we know that the fate of society depends entirely on what he does next. The poem also carries deeper themes of brevity and minimalism, which are essentially the major themes of Elliot's life right now.

4. Tolstoy's "Resurrection"

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Elliot is reading Tolstoy's "Resurrection", a novel about the injustices of man-made laws and the economic philosophy of Georgism, which is essentially the belief that wealth should be redistributed amongst the community.

5. Leon

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This is the first time we meet Leon, an eccentric, Seinfeld-obsessed character with whom Elliot shares three meals a day. There are a few odd things about Leon, and about Elliot's interactions with him: Leon never eats or drinks at any of their shared meals. Elliot never talks to Leon either (that's one of his favorite things about Leon, actually). It's almost like...maybe...Leon is not real at all. And there's one more interesting thing about Elliot's new friend:

6. Again, Leon

Leon is always wearing graytone camo clothing that bears a remarkable resemblance to Elliot's composition book cover. Y'know, the one where he writes down all of his interactions with imaginary people? Wait a Leon another figment of Elliot's imagination?!!! *MIND = BLOWN*


7. Seinfeld

Leon is completely obsessed with Seinfeld. That's all he talks about, but he calls out two specific episodes: one in which Jerry and the gang are stuck in limbo waiting for a reservation at a Chinese restaurant, and one in which they're stuck in limbo while looking for their car in a parking garage. Elliot's also stuck in limbo right now, but why would Leon be citing Seinfeld parallels to Elliot's life...unless Leon's thoughts are actually Elliot's thoughts?

9. This Bitcoin van

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This subtle hint drops while Susan listens to pundits discussing the potential of alternative currency in the wake of the five/nine attack, hinting that perhaps Bitcoin and other forms of currency may become more important in a post-five/nine world. There are also Bitcoin and "E-Coin" logos everywhere in this episode (E-Coin is a fictional E Corp version of Bitcoin): in the convenience store at the beginning of the second half of the premiere, and even inside the Bank of E. They're everywhere.

10. The end of Fight Club

Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail has stated on numerous occasions that the book/movie Fight Club is a direct influence on Mr. Robot, so it's no surprise that parallels continue to pop up in Season 2, but it is interesting that the season begins where the movie ended, right?


11. Hot Carla

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She's also a Fight Club reference (Carla = Marla). Elliot also refers to Hot Carla as his "totem", which is how Tyler referred to Marla in Fight Club. Coincidence? Definitely not. Sam Esmail (and even Elliot) seem to be directly referencing Fight Club here.

12. "Waiting for Godot"

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Hot Carla is burning a copy of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot", which tells the story of two people passing the time with absurd conversation while waiting for a guest who never shows up (and may or may not be real at all). Sound familiar?

13. "Hack the Gibson"

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When Darlene executes the J3st3r attack on Bank of E to demand the ransom, a screenshot of her computer screen displays the phrase "Hack the Gibson". This specific line is a reference to the 1995 movie Hackers which is about, well, hackers (in this context, the "Gibson" is a supercomputer or terminal). In reality, the quote is featured in the Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET), which is a free and fairly common coding software. Darlene's using SET to execute the attack, which is why the quote appears on her screen.

14. $5.9MM = five/nine

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At first glance, it may seem like Darlene's ransom demand of $5.9 Million from E Corp is a strange number, until you remember that fsociety's initial attack is known as "the five/nine attack". Suddenly $5.9 Million makes a little more sense.


15. "J3st3r"

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Darlene's hack on E Corp was credited to J3st3r, a real hacktivist who is responsible for some large-scale cyberattacks in recent history. But why didn't she credit the attack to fsociety? Are they underground while Tyrell takes the fall for the five/nine attack?

16. And finally, this QR code

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Taking a photo of this screengrab with a QR code reader will take you to On the surface, this looks like a dead domain displaying an antiquated '90s era "under construction" website. So probably nothing here, right? WRONG.

A quick glance at the page's source code reveals that this site is, in fact, a Mr. Robot easter egg site. The "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Service" links at the bottom of the page also take you to USA Network and NBCU pages, which means we should probably keep an eye on this page in the future, just in case. BTW, "confictura" is Latin for "imaginary".

There's no way this list covered all the Easter Eggs in the Season 2 premiere, so if you noticed something we missed, leave it in the comments below!