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The Emoji Translation Of Lil' Wayne's "Rich As F#&!" Is Predictably Awesome

Sometimes emoji can say it better than words. Even if those words are uttered by Lil' Wayne and 2 Chainz combined.

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We've all been thinking it for a year and a half: if only there was a way to read the lyrics to Lil' Wayne and 2 Chainz' "Rich as F*ck," but with little cryptic images replacing key words.

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Well, friends, the day has finally come! L.A.-based comedian slash intrepid Twitter user @saysdaverankin has painstakingly created a stunning translation of the entire song in emoji form. Here's Weezy's first verse:

(See the actual written lyrics HERE.)
Twitter: @SaysDaveRankin

(See the actual written lyrics HERE.)

Then the chorus, which we all know because we all sing it while we're brushing our teeth every morning.

Now it's back to Weezy again:

Then close it out with another ballin' chorus:

And here's the entire song in emoji form:

Lil' Wayne could not be reached for comment, but we were able to put text over this Weezy gif to make it seem like he approves:

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