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16 Ways To Survive "Cuffing Season" While Being Single

The months of November to February mean one thing : Cuffing Season. How does a single person survive when everyone is in a relationship?

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1. Stay Off of Snapchat

Bamidele Idowu

2. Netflix and Chill Alone

3. Invest in Some Books

Ayekabiznik / Via

4. Hit the Gym

5. Get Money

Parks and Recreation / Via

6. Hang Out With Friends Who Are Just As Single

SBNation / Via

7. Remind Yourself You Still Got "It"

Justin Alvarez

8. Find Things To Cuddle With

lyra_g_rowin / Via

9. Stack Up on Snacks

Bridgit Mendler / Via

10. Hibernate

JamesVSwan / Via

11. Stay Warm

12. Get A Pet

ketlan / Via

13. Smile Through The Pain

Justin Alvarez

14. Nevermind... Just Cry

Mean Girls / Via

15. Then Become A Player

He's Got Game / Via

16. Or Just Act Like Cuffing Season Isn't Happening

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