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16 Reasons To Love College

"It's the best time of your life..... no really!"

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16. It's A Different World.

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This isn't high school anymore. This is the big leagues. There's nothing like it.

15. Greek Life

Maddie Joy / Via

Brotherhood. Sisterhood.

14. Nothing Like A Little School Spirit

SBNation / Via

You wish you were a ....

13. Cheap Concerts


Seeing your favorite artist for 15 buckets.

12. Homecoming: We Lit

Jasmyn Lawson / Via

Tailgating. Football. Alumni return. It's lit.

11. I Can't Keep My Eyes off You


Too many hot people to count.

10. Sleep Sleep And More Sleep


Napping is clutch. Why did I hate it as a kid?

9. Learning... Class.... Yay


I lied... no one wants to go to class, but I have two unexcused absences, right?

8. Getting Lit During The Day

Wedoitbetta / Via

Drinking at 9 a.m. is actually acceptable.....sometimes

7. Partying Like A Rockstar

HugeWaspNest / Via

3 a.m. nights become routine.

6. Beer... Oops I Mean Water Pong


What's a party without America's new pastime.

5. Finding Something Cool To Stand For

JustinHAlvarez / Via

Finding a cause to stand for or a community to support is always great.

4. I just want to feel liberated... I....I

VH1 / Via

No parents. No rules. Freedom. This is gonna be fun.

3. You're Grown But Not Really / Via

I'm an adult, but I don't have adult responsibilities

2. Discovering Who You Are

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It took me a life time to figure out who I was but now I know because of college.

1. Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

Miss Stevens / Via

You'll meet people from different places and y'all may become life long friends.

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