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12 Funny Tumblr Post To Get You Hyped About Monday Night's Presidential Debate

Thoughts of the First 2016 Presidential Debate in a Nutshell

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1. Mood

the-great-trevor / Via

2. First Two Seconds of the Debate

cartoonpolitics / Via

3. The Lie Detector Determined.....

theweekmagazine / Via

4. Spell the Donald For Me

wiccawiccawitch / Via

5. What Are You Saying?

badgalmikey / Via

6. You Can't Be Serious

weavemama / Via

7. #Harry2016

drarry-queen / Via

8. Hillary is the you?

babies-come-with-hats / Via

9. At Least We'll Have a Happy Bill

thedailyshowreblogged / Via

10. Donalry Clump?

dodgypolitics / Via

11. Well I Don't Like Either:

thehighpriestofreverseracism / Via

12. If All Else Fails Yeezy 2020?

k1gamer / Via
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