Nine Absurd Louis C.K. Videos You’ve Never Seen

Before Louie, the comedian Louis C.K. made short Woody Allen-esqe films. Even in 16 mm black and white, he’s still hilarious and amazing.

1. “Ugly Revenge” with Amy Pohler! (mid-90s)

2. “Hijacker” (1995)

3. “Ice Cream” (1992)

4. “Hello There” (1995)

5. ” The Letter V” (1995)

6. “Brunch” (1995)

7. “The Legend of Willie Brown” (mid 90s) faux documentary

8. “Searching for Nixon” starring his ex-wife

9. “Persona Ne’ll Aqua” also starring his ex-wife.

10. Short films are easy because there are always “people laying all over the street” who are “great qualified and talented” and can help you out.

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