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    5 Must-Have Beauty & Fashion Accessories To Help You Shine This Summer

    If you're feeling a little anxious about stepping out in public this summer and returning to life as we once knew it, you're not alone! From bright, bold jewelry, vegan lash extensions, and more, these 5 must-have beauty and fashion accessories will help you shine, sparkle, and keep you feeling you're very best all summer long.

    Give Your Outfit A Splash of Color with Jewelry by Audra Style!

    Audra Style - Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces & Accessories
    Audra Style / Via

    With a wide selection of accessories and home decor reproduced from Audra’s artwork including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, clutches, stationery, and art prints, the line is unique, fun, and affordable, plus no two items are identical. Using bright, bold colors and patterns, the shapes for the earrings are cut from wood, acrylic, genuine leather, and brass to mix and match the pieces and patterns in unexpected ways. From abstract designs to leopard prints and neon shades, these one-of-a-kind vibrant creations never go out of style!

    Looking for the Perfect Top to Proudly Wear and Show You're Vaccinated?

    Sparkle City Vaccinated T-Shirt (Also Available in a Sweatshirt)
    Sparkle City / Via

    Step out and sparkle this year while flaunting and encouraging others to go and get vaccinated! The Vaccinated Sweatshirt or Vaccinated Tee is a great way to put people’s minds at ease by showing that you are in fact vaccinated! Sparkle City makes high-quality, embroidered sweatshirts with sparkles that are machine washable and made to last. It’s a place for the fashionable fan who wants to shine while supporting something great. Creating statement pieces that make looking glamorous easy for everyday occasions, all ages, sizes, and personal styles are welcome in Sparkle City.

    Make Your Eyes Pop With These *Easy to Apply* Vegan Lash Extensions!

    Vegan Lash Adhesive Pen and Lash Duo by Ashley Kennedy
    Ashley Kennedy / Via

    Ashley Kennedy is a new black-owned beauty brand dedicated to empowering women with essential luxury vegan lashes that bring out confidence and natural beauty in the wearers. Celebs are loving these lashes with a purpose! Model and beauty icon Amber Rose is already a huge fan of Ashley Kennedy’s premium lashes and it’s no wonder why! Each set is super lightweight, provides all-day comfort, and is reusable. Uplift yourself and your lashes with 100% vegan options and cruelty-free designs. The Lash Adhesive Pen allows a simple, mess-free, and stress-free solution to apply your lashes. Under $20.00, these natural, latex-free, cruelty-free and vegan pens are available in Caviar (Black) or Champagne (Clear) making it the perfect option for all lash wearers from beginner to expert!

    Keep Your Skin Nourished With Goat Milk Infused Body Lotion

    Creamy, Goat Milk Infused Body Lotion from Nature By Canus
    Nature by Canus / Via

    Trending in the world of beauty is Goat Milk Skincare and there’s countless reasons why! Nature By Canus Creamy Body Lotion recipe is made with fresh goat milk to delicately soothe your sensitive skin. Goat’s milk is traditionally recognized for containing moisturizing fatty acids, vitamins A (retinol) and B3 (niacin), potassium, zinc, and selenium making this lotion the ultimate source of nourishment for your skin. Its high concentration of emollients provides increased hydration and a silkier feel to the skin while the innovative preservative system is non-irritating. Available in Lavender Oil, Shea Butter, Original Recipe, and Fragrance-Free options.

    Stay Refreshed Throughout The Day With A Calming Facial Mist

    Magical Indeed Calming Face Mist by Ladybug Potions
    Ladybug Potions / Via

    Magical Indeed by Ladybug Potions is a non-toxic face mist that soothes and calms your skin courtesy of its nourishing lavender and chamomile formulation. Made with clean non-toxic ingredients, Chamomile Botanical Water and Lavender Botanical Water, this mist hydrates and rejuvenates skin instantly. Ladybug Potions, a wellness brand with roots in holistic health & empowerment. Developing natural, non-toxic health and beauty products, their mission is to help women appreciate, and improve their mental, emotional, and physical health.

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