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16 Awesome Things We Learned About Skrillex From His AMA

Sonny doesn't do a lot of interviews. His Reddit AMA was a rare glimpse at his life, and just as hilarious as you'd hoped.

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1. He digs classical music:

2. He's a huge Sci-Fi nerd:

3. He's ready to surprise fans on this year's festival circuit:

4. And he wouldn't rule out an acoustic performance:

5. He does NOT miss performing with his former band From First To Last:

Jason Kempin / Getty Images for Coachella

6. He even mentioned the bumble bee GIF that keeps appearing online:

7. He recommends listening to underground artist Dubloadz:

8. He was stoked to collab with A$AP Rocky:

9. He's FINALLY finishing Bug Hunt (the unreleased single from Wreck-It-Ralph):

10. He's more psyched about having a Disney character than having a Grammy:


11. He’s not as good at pulling off pranks as Deadmau5 is.

And he's not looking forward to April Fools:


12. He was OK after the head banging incident in Mexico.

13. He doesn't have energy to convince people to listen to his music:

14. Because he's saving it for his fans:

15. His final words were to just enjoy dance music:

16. And to keep great people in your inner circle:

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