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    15 Things We Learned During Amber Nash's Reddit AMA


    Archer's Amber Nash participated in a Reddit AMA last night, and it was as funny as you'd expect.

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    1. She admitted that Pam's filthy mouth has had an influence on her.

    2. But she doesn't use the most wonderful compound word of all-time, "shitsnacks," in real life.

    Even though, she might've invented it.

    3. She explained how Pam would celebrate St. Paddy's Day.


    4. She confessed that she was typing in the DAAANGERZOONE.

    5. And that she REALLY wants to see an episode made about Pam's family reunion.

    6. Her favorite scene is when Pam humps the gyro.


    7. She says Pam's character has evolved from a punching bag into a real badass.

    8. She loved the scene when Archer was concerned for Pam's health.

    9. She’s pitching a fan’s idea for a Pam and Lana spinoff to Archer creator Adam Reed.

    10. Out of all the characters on Archer, she wants to get drunk with Ray the most.


    11. She had a hard time choosing her favorite cast mate to work with.

    12. She said that Aisha Taylor and H. Jon Benjamin are similar to Lana and Archer in real life.

    13. And said that Archer already has her dream team of voice actors.

    14. Her favorite episode is "The Papal Chase."


    15. And she even gave advice to aspiring actors.

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