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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Justin Blake

Justin Blake is a hardworking, creative, approachable, and motivated professional.

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1. Justin Thinks Outside the Box.

Justin is all about branding, innovation, and creativity. He is always trying to learn from the people around him and the experiences he lives. Justin's goal is to find that next big thing!

2. Justin is a Social Media Guru

You can find Justin's own social media campaign on Instagram at "@justinsnewbeginnings". It is a healthy eating and lifestyle resource for people. Justin started this in December 2016 and his goal is to create a Justin's New Beginnings brand that will promote a healthy lifestyle. Justin's New Beginnings right now is focusing on eating healthy, but it will grow into exercising and money management.

3. Justin has an Analytical - Problem Solving mind

When a problem arrises Justin will not stop until the answer is solved. He uses his analytical mind when it comes to budgeting his personal finances. He created and analyzed surveys for customers while working at Temple Kol Emeth to find ways to better service the needs of the community.

4. Justin believes that Communication is the Key.

Communication is key in the working environment. Developing an open dialogue is important when it comes to communicating in a work place. Justin is constantly asking questions to gain knowledge so he can learn more and grow as a professional. He is also proficient with a computer and knows how to communicate with his customers to ensure the best customer service possible.

5. Justin has Strong Leadership and Management Skills

Justin has the ability to mentor and inspire others through his actions. While working at Temple Kol Emeth, he mentored over 200 children/young adults. He managed and facilitated over 200 + events.

6. Justin Loves Creating and Building Relationships

When it come to building relationships, Justin is a pro at it. He has the ability to build relationships and find ways to connect with people. While working at Temple Kol Emeth, a 600+ family community, Justin built relationships with many different types of people. He mentored teens, provided exceptional customer service for the parents in the community, and developed relationships with businesses in the area.

7. Justin is a Master Multi Tasker

As the Executive Assistant & Marketing Coordinator at Congregation Shearith Israel, Justin has three different roles. In the Marketing Coordinator role, he runs all social media outlets, website design, email marketing, weekly print bulletin, creates event flyers, sends press releases, and more. In the Executive Assistant role, he is responsible for all administrative duties which include, answering the main phone, managing two calendars, snail mail mailings, mail merging, ordering supplies, and coordinating programs. Justin is also the Rabbi's assistant; he keeps the Rabbi's personal calendar, schedules meetings, and any other duties assigned to him.

8. Justin is a Team Player

Justin loves working in a team environment. Two heads are better than one. When working on a team you can make a good idea great, and a great idea amazing. While being a camp counselor during his summers in college, Justin gained the exceptional skills of how to work on a team. Working on staff at camp, he created and executed 100+ programs/activities. He still uses these skills today.

9. Justin has an Incredible Work Ethic

Justin Blake grew up in the restaurant business; he started working in the family business at the age of 12 for his first job. He has always worked hard for what he has achieved in life. He goes above and beyond to ensure the best possible results.

10. Justin Gives Back to the Community

Justin developed annual fundraising strategies that raised $30,000 in four years for Camp Jenny, a weekend camp for innerĀ­ city children in Atlanta, Georgia. Besides helping raise money for Camp Jenny. Justin volunteered at Camp Jenny, May 2014 & 2015. Justin developed sports programs for Camp Yofi, a summer camp experience for children with autism and their families.

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