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25 Types Of People Who Take Photos Of Their Food Instead Of Eating It

Because everyone needs to see what you're eating. You're just that important.

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12. The British dad visiting America.


"Oy, this don't look like a proper curry. I gotta snap a pic and send it to Nigel. Also, I should tell him how the Best Buy was. He'll think I was havin' a laugh!"

16. The bro


"I am so internally regretting this decision to eat six burgers and two fries, but the societal pressure I am under on a daily basis leaves me with no choice. Also, GO SIGMA CHI!"

18. The just-happy-to-be-there people


-"Finally, someone invited us to lunch."

-"Let's commemorate the occasion by taking pictures of the dim-sum."

-"Sounds like a plan, Stan!"

-"Cool beans, Jan!"

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