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    25 Types Of People Who Take Photos Of Their Food Instead Of Eating It

    Because everyone needs to see what you're eating. You're just that important.

    1. The lighting expert.

    2. The bemused foreigner.

    3. The dad

    4. The daughter

    5. The perfectionist

    6. Mr. I Got To Get The Whole Thing In The Shot.

    7. The lunch breaker.

    8. The cone-heads

    9. Ms. Outdoors

    10. Miss I'm About To Drop This Into My Food.

    11. The color enthusiast.

    12. The British dad visiting America.

    13. DJ Vegetarian

    14. The guy who had a few too many.

    15. Mr. Depth of Field

    16. The bro

    17. The sweet tooth

    18. The just-happy-to-be-there people

    19. The stager

    20. The just broken up with guy.

    21. The guy who literally is still in line, taking a picture of his food two seconds after getting it.

    22. Mr. Shit, I Just Took a Bite

    23. The other daughter

    24. Mr. Lonely

    25. These two

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