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    25 Types Of People Who Take Photos Of Their Food Instead Of Eating It

    Because everyone needs to see what you're eating. You're just that important.

    1. The lighting expert.

    "Can someone bring me the diffused lamp? Maybe a gel or two."

    2. The bemused foreigner.


    "This American dessert is just jello and fruit. How quaint. It should go nicely with my pinot noir."

    3. The dad


    "What do you mean put the camera away? It was on sale at the Best Buy. Plus, look at those flapjacks!"

    4. The daughter


    "My dad gave me his old camera since he got a new one from the Best Buy."

    5. The perfectionist


    "Just tilt the waffle a little bit more... Perfect."

    6. Mr. I Got To Get The Whole Thing In The Shot.


    And he did.

    7. The lunch breaker.


    "These leftovers came out looking AMAZING!"

    8. The cone-heads


    -"Hold it straight!"

    -"I am holding it straight!

    -"It's melting all over your hand!"


    9. Ms. Outdoors


    "This is going to look siiiick in sepia."

    10. Miss I'm About To Drop This Into My Food.



    11. The color enthusiast.


    "The way the green plays off the yellow and white is just..." *begins to softly weep*

    12. The British dad visiting America.


    "Oy, this don't look like a proper curry. I gotta snap a pic and send it to Nigel. Also, I should tell him how the Best Buy was. He'll think I was havin' a laugh!"

    13. DJ Vegetarian


    "Yo, this red cabbage and broccolini is off the chain." *hits airhorn sound effect*

    14. The guy who had a few too many.


    "Why aren't the pics coming out? Oops! This isn't a phone, it's a chocolate bar. My bad."

    15. Mr. Depth of Field


    "This is how Kubrick started."

    16. The bro


    "I am so internally regretting this decision to eat six burgers and two fries, but the societal pressure I am under on a daily basis leaves me with no choice. Also, GO SIGMA CHI!"

    17. The sweet tooth


    "A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine not work when you have diabetes."

    18. The just-happy-to-be-there people


    -"Finally, someone invited us to lunch."

    -"Let's commemorate the occasion by taking pictures of the dim-sum."

    -"Sounds like a plan, Stan!"

    -"Cool beans, Jan!"

    19. The stager


    "What? I could have been eating a large brownie in the middle of the living room floor. Don't judge me."

    20. The just broken up with guy.


    "See, Sara. I don't need you. I can take care of myself!"

    21. The guy who literally is still in line, taking a picture of his food two seconds after getting it.


    "The first moment you see it is the one you can't forget."

    22. Mr. Shit, I Just Took a Bite


    "Oh, well. Will have to be quicker on the draw next time."

    23. The other daughter


    "I can't believe dad gave her the camera. He knew I wanted one, she doesn't even know who Ansel Adams is! Not like I'm jealous or anything."

    24. Mr. Lonely


    "Happy Birthday to myself..."

    25. These two


    "Seriously, take those off." - Their mother.

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