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    This "Friends" Script Written By An 8 Year Old Is Spot-On

    Also known as "The One That Was Written By A Kid."

    Redditor TerrMys wrote this two act, 13 page script when just 8-years-old. It was aptly titled Friends II.

    It starts with the guys playing Mario Kart, because why not, right?

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    And then Pheobe (or Phoebs, as it were) gets her purse stolen by a monkey and Monica makes one of her trademark Hi/Bye exits.

    And for some reason Rachel is hanging off of Joey's balcony but is saved by a "mighty donut." The End.

    Act 2, which is in no way connected to Act 1, is centered around an indoor pool because indoor pool, because indoor pools are awesome, especially to 8 year olds.

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    Ross and Rachel get into a fight since, y'know, that is sort of their thing.


    Unfortunately, the second act is unfinished. Yet you can read the entire script here and formulate your own conclusion.

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