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29 Moments To Remember From Last Season's "Boardwalk Empire" Finale

With Season 4 about to start on Sunday on HBO, here is a recap of "Margate Sands" to get you reacclimatized to the fine folks of Atlantic City and it's kingpin, Enoch "Nucky" Thompson. If you haven't watched it yet, SPOILER ALERT obviously.

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3. Mickey Doyle gives Nucky the good news.

Holding up in a lumber yard, Nucky is informed by Mickey that if the Overholt distillery gets up and running, Nucky will be the "biggest bootlegger in the country."


6. Rosetti and Joe Masseria have a chat.

Rosetti originally had 43 of Massarea's men, but now only has 31. More importantly, though, as Massarea explains, Rosetti "don't have Nucky Thompson."


15. Lucky and Meyer get screwed.

They find out the "cops" took the heroin work for Rothstein, who is now going into the heroin field with Joe Massarea as a partner. All Massarea has to do is withdraw his men who are helping Gyp Rosetti.


23. Andrew Mellon tips off Agent Esther Randolph.

He informs her that somebody is illegally occupying his Overholt distillery. She thinks he's talking about Nucky, but he tells her it's Arnold Rothstein. Nucky for the win again!

27. Nucky goes to see Margaret.

When she refuses to leave with him, he offers her money for the kids, saying the money "doesn't mean anything," to which she replies, "Yes, it does."


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