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A COMPLETE Guide To The Furry Sub-Culture

Furries aren't as bad as media portrays them. Read this article to learn all about their true lives :).

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Two people fursuiting.

Part One: Fur Vocabulary

Here is the text book definition for "furry":

Furry: An animal with human characteristics.

Not so bad, right? It's just a community with the same interests on anthropomorphic animals, so they call themselves "furries" to step into being an animal.

Some other words furries use:

Furry Fandom: Simply the community of people who share the same animal opinions.

Fursuit: A furry costume that portray's a person's fursona.

Fursona: A furry persona; one's own furry character.

Pawsome: An animalistic and punny way to say "awesome."

Everyfur: An animalistic and punny way to say "everyone," referring to every-furry.

Furpile: Simply a pile of cuddly furries, and is rarely ever sexual.

Yiff: Furry porn. Basically.

Kigurumi: A basic and child-style animal onesie.

A fox kigurumi being worn.

Awoo: A simple cute noise furries rarely make IRL.

OwO, UwU, :3c, OmO: Emoticons used by furries that can be typed on the keyboard.

Greymuzzle: An older furry.

Nuzzle: Rub noses cutely. (Better way of describing it: Eskimo kisses.)

Kitsune: Japanese word for "fox."

Ursine: Scientific name for "bear."

Scritch: To scratch-pet, like when you scratch dogs' backs for them. (NEVER, I REPEAT: NEVER scritch fursuits. It gives the base material claw marks.)

Murr: A term furries use when they're feeling frisky. An equivalent of a human going "Ooh la la, girl."

OC: Abbreviation for "own character"/"original character."

Furry Base: Used in art, a furry base is a template people can use to make their OC's.

See? Let’s Move On!

Now that you know some natural fur vocabulary you’ll know all the things you need to see the furry community in your own view. (And not influenced by stereotypical media, of course.)

Part Two: Arts

Many, many furries make and share creativity all through out their fandom. I’d say more than 89% makes art, and others who don’t make art do different activities.

Lots of furries go to conventions, and a great handful of them go with their fursuits. Not even half of the furry fandom has fursuits. Suits are very expensive, so not all furries are able to own one.

Furries make a lot of art, and some make a living off of their talent. People who create fursuits make a living off of their creativity!

Some furries develop their style through the community of art, and get to create their own character. This process is very difficult, but don't worry. It takes some people months to make an OC.

Part Three: Famous Furries

There are a lot of famous fluffy people on the internet, but here are a few:

Majira Strawberry

Booker Fox



Vix N Dwnq

Remember, these are only a few of the famous furries you can see out in the fandom!

Part Four: *Sigh* Sex

Not all furries are sexual and are just gonna use you as a "friend" for intercourse. Furries are very nice, and generous people.

They'd never do something mean to a child if they turned a wrong corner; the child would receive a big hug from a fox, not have someone hand them some meth and whatever drugs or naughty stuff you can think of.

Furries just need to be really understood and heard, is all. Not all of them are bad and/or sexual.

And, a word on the very, very small percentage of people who are sexual furries, that really isn't bad either. Everyone has their kinks and likes.

Don't hate someone for their opinions. Know who they truly are.

Thank you for your time, and I hope even if your opinions aren't swayed by this read, that we can put our differences aside and still be who we are.

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