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14 People Who Have Major Beard Envy

Beard envy is real. For those blessed with beautiful facial hair, stay enviable with Just For Men Mustache & Beard. The rest of us will keep on trying.

1. This Viking who really loves pasta...

2. ...and his friend, Leaf Erikson:

3. This Scraggly Night by Vincent van Goghtee:

4. This baby who's still a baby face upon closer inspection:

5. These girls who definitely didn't grow chin curtains and probably aren't even real gnomes:

6. This lady who took "scruffy" literally:

7. This self-assured guy whose chin is just cold:

8. This girl who's living a bald-faced lie:

9. This very, very dishonest Abe:

10. This girl who successfully grew a handlebar mustache — just in the wrong place:

11. This sharp-dressed man, aka ZZ Prop:

12. This woman who whisked off with whiskers:

13. This dude who almost fooled us for a second:

14. And this untalonted guy who jay or jay not be the worst we've feather seen:

There's nothing like the real thing. Stay true to yourself and your facial hair with Just For Men Mustache & Beard.

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