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11 Ways To Look Ridiculously Good In Photos

Never untag yourself again. Embrace your inner photogenic person and own your look with Just For Men AutoStop.

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4. Pose in natural light.

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Get out of the dark! But don't stand in direct light either. Instead, find a nice spot in some open shade where your face is illuminated and there are no harsh shadows.

5. Position yourself near the middle.


When it comes to groups, we intuitively rank the people in the center as the most important. Squeeze yourself into the middle if you want to be remembered.

6. Stand up straight.


Mom was right: You look bored when you slouch. Pay attention to your posture. People who stand up straight appear taller, lighter, and generally more attractive.

8. Try "squinching."


Squinching is real. Just lift and tighten your lower eyelids while lowering your top eyelids ever so slightly. Don't squint! If you do it right, you'll look fearless and self-assured.

9. Close your eyes, and then open.

Williams Street / Via

Holding a pose is the worst. To avoid looking stiff and uncomfortable, close your eyes for a few seconds, and then open just before the picture is taken. You'll never get caught blinking again!

10. Don't look directly at the camera. / Via

Next time the camera finds you, look slightly above the lens and angle yourself so you're not directly facing the photographer. You'll emphasize your best features and downplay the not-so-best ones.

11. Enjoy yourself. Relax, already!


If you aren't happy with how you look, it shows! Be proud of who you are, and that confidence will lead to a candid and honest photo worth making your profile picture.

Whether it's a selfie or a group shot, own your look with Just For Men AutoStop and never get caught off guard again!

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