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Degrading Sex?

When it comes to sex we usually think of pleasure, orgasm, vagina, and penis, however, there are certain groups of individuals out there who are willing to take sex to the next level. There are people out there who have desires for anal fisting, choking, foot jobs, butt plugs, etc. At times, it gets us wondering, are some kinds of sex degrading or immoral eve if they’re consensual? I believe that certain sexual acts even if consensual can be degrading, but that is only so depending on the perspective of the viewer. One, everyone has a different opinion from one another. Two, different culture has different teaching about sex. Lastly, the word “degrading” is a just label we just use to describe something. We’ve all heard the old saying “everyone has a different opinion”, hopefully we all know that it is true. It’s normal for people not to share the same perspective with one another. I could have a certain view of Donald Trump that some of you may disagree with. Sex is just the same, some girls like anal and some can’t stand the bring up of the word. There are many out there who seeks sex for pleasure which opposes religious teaching. We can see this in Emily Witt’s essay. “I probably would not have a baby without love, and buying a home seemed impossible for all kinds of reasons, but I could have sex. I had a body.” (What do You Desire?). Like Emily Witt’s, there are people out there who are very open when it comes to sex whether it be kinky fetishes or normal healthy sex. To these certain individual, the acts that we consider “immoral” and “degrading” stands in a different shade of light. Given Princess Donna from Emily Witt’s essay for example, to her the appalling scene was normal because she participates and believe in them. If you believe in something, then it can’t be wrong. To us these kinky sexual acts are disgusting but, we must deal with the fact that that is just our opinion and not their truth. When it comes to sex, religious and cultural teachings are a huge factor. Religion tends to be very close minded when it comes to sex. Catholics for example believes that sex should only be done after marriage with the one counterpart. These types of teachings are the long-lived enemies of gang bangs and group orgies. It’s understandable for people who grew up with these teachings to label kinky weird sex as “degrading”. So, is it wrong to have orgies and gangbang? Hell, no! you should participate in as many orgies as you want if you believe in them. To religion, Emily Witt’s view on sex would be consider degrading where in modern society it’s viewed normally. Another example would be middle eastern vs western culture. To us premarital sex is a normal thing but in the middle east it is considered so degrading and immoral that you can be killed for it. Tying the knots together, people’s perspective on subjects depends on how they were raised and the culture they were taught. Religion tends to merge together with culture and so does their teachings. We were all raised differently and whether we like it or not we are influenced by it. It affects the way we view the world and how we interact with it. In Emily Witt’s essay, the actions taking place are normal to Princess Donna but to one of the readers it’s not. Rob Dreher one of the many readers was disgusted by the actions described in Emily’s essay. “I had no patience for people who romanticize or laugh lightly about a certain way of life, because I knew people who lived through it as children, and it was a horrible way to live.” (Slouching Towards Googletopia). To make my point, we can assume that Rob Dreher’s experience makes view certain acts as disgusting or degrading. This is clearly shown when he describes one of the quotes from Emily’s essay. I’m pretty those who have been through rape never want to experience that again. Yet, there are people who would pay good money to obtain that kind of experience. It’s understandable why people demonize kinky weird sex. It can be damaging to those who have suffered through those experiences. In a way, the people who seek seeks those kind of pleasure mocks the rape victim. Those people will share the same opinion as Rob Dreher. “Reading the part that I have just quoted, then this one, is like swimming from one island to another through a lagoon of raw sewage.” (Slouching Towards Googletopia). We can see more of this environment theory in Emily Witt’s essay. As Emily was traveling through-out San Francisco she notices the differences in the city’s social perspective. “In San Francisco, people thought differently. They sought to unlink the family from a sexual foundation of two people.” (What Do You Desire?). The people of San Francisco have a different view on sex from us. People like Rob Dreher who grew up a certain way tend to label things differently from all of us. Notice that I said “label”. If we think about it, words are ever change, they don’t stay at a constant for very long and so does opinion. Today, a certain sexual act may be considered filthy and disgusting but tomorrow that could all change. Look at public kissing for example, back then people shy away at the idea but now it’s done so often that we can’t keep count. The things we label will overtime carry a different meaning and weight. They will be viewed under a different microscope. I believe that the more advance we get the more open minded we will be. Our perspective on certain kinky sexual activities and the world changes. Labels are never permanent; they can always be torn off and replace with a different one. Degrading, ugly, filthy. They’re just words that we use to label, they are never the truth. So, fuck as many people as you like and as weirdly as you like. With that being sad sexual pleasure is something that we all desire whether we’re heterosexual or homosexual. Though certain actions we do during our sexual conquest can be considered degrading and disgusting. The people who are quick to judge have their reasons to. Now it might be their truth but it doesn’t make it the truth. The truth is only what we make it to be. In regards to Friedersdorf’s question of whether some sex is degrading. I believe so, but my opinion is just my opinion. It’s safe to say that if there’s something we don’t like there is destine to be someone out there that likes it. To that certain someone, the things that we consider “disgusting” can be the most natural thing in the world. We tend to let our environment shape our views on certain subjects and objects. We never once stop and consider that the things we believe are right could be considered wrong be someone else. The same goes for sex. Labeling is part of our everyday life. When we encounter a “strange” sexual behavior we consider it as unhealthy and even filthy but it doesn’t make it so. Something can only be something if only you believe it to be. Yeah I believe some sex are degrading. That is what I believe and if you share the same opinion then great. If not who gives a shit.

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