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The Call Of The Simpsons

Trivia, interestingness and parodies in the series The call of the Simpsons (S01E07). At the beginning of the series Bart and Homer are removed on the lawn. At the same time, Ned Flanders drives up to the Simpsons' house in his new van "Behemoth" and brags him in front of the Simpsons. Homer of envy also decides to buy a van, and better than Flanders. When he came to the car store, he immediately put his eye on the "Behemoth Maximum" and was about to take it on credit, but the seller said that the Simpsons "will not be able to buy this van even if they work for a million years." As always, interestingness, curious facts, the first appearance of heroes, cultural references, feilies, invited stars and much more. The season began broadcasting from 17.12.89, and finished on 13.05.90. The premiere took place on February 18, 1990

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