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10 Steps To Surviving A Mean Teacher

Students must face teachers in order to succeed and advance to the next academic level. But not all of those teachers will be perfect in fact, eventually, every student will face a mean teacher. These are the steps you must take in order to survive.

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10. Laugh at their Jokes


The sad truth is that some teachers think they're comedians; the best thing you can do is laugh if you don't want the teacher to feel embarrassed. Laughing will make the teacher feel special and will give you an A for the day.

9. Bring the Teacher a Gift


Every teacher enjoys being appreciated, so bring them something nice in order to make them feel special.

8. Avoid Eye Contact

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This one should be obvious, but don't stare at your teacher. Avoid direct eye contact, instead pretend you're taking notes. The teacher will be impressed with your studious nature.

7. Don't be Late or Absent Constantly


Try to avoid bringing unnecessary negative attention to yourself. No teacher appreciates a student coming in late. Everyone in the class will stare at you until you take a seat.

6. Be an Organized Student

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It's time to be organized. Every teacher appreciates students that have all their paperwork in order. Make your life easier, not harder.

5. Stay off your Phone in Class

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It's the 21st century so everyone has a phone. Avoid the urge to look at your phone during class time. Some teachers will take your phone, others will stare at you with complete and utter hate.

4. Don't act Obnoxious in Class


No teacher likes the class clown. Goofy antics will quickly put you in the principal's office and on the teacher's most hated list.

3. Participate in Class

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If you know an answer, raise your hand and answer it. The teacher will appreciate a student that is clearly paying attention to the lecture. If you don't know the answer raise your hand anyway, teachers appreciate participation.

2. Don't lie or if you do don't get Caught


Teachers are not dumb, so don't think they are. They do realize when you are lying especially if you're doing it badly. Your dog can't eat your homework every day.

1. Be Respectful

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The most important thing you must always do is show your respect. Everyone deserves respect, even the mean teachers. Always use ma'am, sir, please, and thank you.

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