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Spencer Pratt Is Selling A Line Of Healing Crystals That No One Asked For

Paging Dr. Pratt

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Well now, with the help of his own line of crystals for sale, we are fortunate enough to all be able to follow in Spencer's footsteps.


Spencer is selling his crystals on under the name "Spencer's Rocks" - original!

The description of this kit says, "These sets are available exclusively to Spencer's Social Media Followers who are into stones & meditation," so make sure you are following the ever-so-wise Mr. Pratt on Twitter - a decision you will not regret.

And to add to the amazing news, the kit is on sale! That's a tell-tale sign of a great product.

So make sure to get your crystals while they're hot and being endorsed by a has been reality-tv star!

Available here:

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