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Literally Just 12 Photos Of Suri Cruise Drinking Starbucks

Children of celebs, they're just like us

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1. At a young age Suri Cruise discovered her love of the Skinny Vanilla Latte.

DailyMail / Via

2. Her passion for Starbucks knows no bounds.

3. In the winter, Starbucks is there to keep Suri warm.

Dzilla / BAUER-GRIFFIN/http://<a href="EROTEME.CO.UK" target="_blank">EROTEME.CO.UK</a> / Via

4. And on a hot Summer day, Starbucks refreshes Suri Cruise.

5. Suri enjoys drinking Starbucks with her mom.

People / Via

6. In fact, getting Starbucks Suri and Katie's favorite mother/daughter activity.

DailyMail / Via

7. And Starbucks helps Suri to feel safe in crowds.

Jking2 / JKING/NHorsley/http://<a href="" target="_blank"></a> / Via

8. Along with her favorite doll, Starbucks is a comforting security blanket for Suri.

9. Suri is a pro when it comes to drinking her Starbucks.

10. But sometimes she's just to excited to wait for it to cool down and it burns her tongue.

DailyMail / Via

11. And she isn't thrilled when the barista gives her a Caramel Frappuccino when she clearly asked for Java Chip.

12. But regardless, of the ups and downs she faces, Suri Cruise will always love Starbucks.

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